Custom House Art Space Echuca

The Custom House Art Space in Echuca has an exhibition called “Drop the dogs”. Here are come pictures.

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Tabby Rugs

All these rugs were woven using a method I call Tapestry Woven rugs.

The Loom is threaded at 3EPI meaning three warp ends to an inch.

The design is hand manipulated to give the desired effect.

Cool Directions

Weaving the Chevrons. Here is a close up of […]

Rya Knot Rugs

Rya Knot Rug

Finnish weavers have traditionally made Rya Knot rugs to help keep the walls and floors warm in the cold winters. I have developed this method using a continuous knot that is later cut to give a deep luxurious pile under foot. Unlimited design possibilities are achieved in the free form of […]

Handwoven Rugs

Boulders on the 4 end draft Shaft Switching loom

The rugs pictured here are woven on large floor looms using shaft switching and producing very durable thick rugs. The warp is linen and the weft is New Zealand carpet wool. The shaft switching device attached to the loom allows for a greater […]