Exhibition at Kyabram Gallery July


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TreeTops & Possibilities

TreeTops, Sue B & Red River

Inside the Kyabram Town Hall Gallery

Pyramids, Looking Out & Totem.

Anne & the Cherry loom.

Exhibition opening

Cherry Loom in the gallery

Neon, Mask & Rya Knot rug

Building Blocks, Flight & Lollypops

Rug off the loom, ready to do the ends.

Rya knot rug in progress

Sampler Hanging on The Butchard loom

Jute wall hanging

Anne weaving at the Kyabram Town Hall.

Rug sold

Cosy corner

Kyabram Town Hall


Petunias, Possibilities & Boulders

Making a Rya Knot Rug

Starting the knot

Making the knot

Creating loop

Tying Knot Down

On the loom









SNOWING in progress.

The design was drawn up as a cartoon and I followed as best I could. Here are a series of pictures I took […]

Handwoven Rugs

Boulders on the 4 end draft Shaft Switching loom

The rugs pictured here are woven on large floor looms using shaft switching and producing very durable thick rugs. The warp is linen and the weft is New Zealand carpet wool. The shaft switching device attached to the loom allows for a greater […]