Exhibition at Kyabram Gallery July


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Sampler Hanging on The Butchard loom

Rya knot rug in progress

Kyabram Town Hall

Petunias, Possibilities & Boulders

Anne weaving at the Kyabram Town Hall.

Inside the Kyabram Town Hall Gallery

Cherry Loom in the gallery

Anne & the Cherry loom.

Rug off the loom, ready to do the ends.

Exhibition opening

Pyramids, Looking Out & Totem.

Flight & Building Blocks

Weaving Exhibition opening

Exhibition opening

Boulders, Possibilities & Petunias

Cosy corner

Chess board & table runners

Building Blocks, Flight & Lollypops

Tabby Rugs

All these rugs were woven using a method I call Tapestry Woven rugs.

The Loom is threaded at 3EPI meaning three warp ends to an inch.

The design is hand manipulated to give the desired effect.

Cool Directions

Weaving the Chevrons. Here is a close up of […]