Revisiting old Designs 2015

Revisiting old Designs 2015 is a helpful way to start the designing process for the new year. Digital invasion was a popular rug which I wove in three different versions. Now I am about to create another design based on the same theme so I will keep you posted.

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DIGITAL invasion 11 front and back

Digital Invasion 11 was the second version. mostly yellow, purple, red and brown

Digital Invasion as the first rug predominate colours red and green.

Long Digital Invasion made to order to fit a hallway.

Digital Invasion Reverse

Digital Invasion Front




FLIGHT front of rug $350

This rug is called FLIGHT.

The reverse side is very different. Width 24 inches length 56 inches. $350

























Cable ties to the rescue

Tie up

Tell me how did you ever survive without cable ties? I was weaving away on my loom with its shaft switching levers when ping something snapped. It is an older style loom so there are eyelets holding cords lifting shafts. One eyelet had come out completely. I desperately wanted to keep weaving […]

Many different designs

The term “tapestry crochet” was popularized by Dr. Carol Ventura, who has written several books about the technique. Her tapestry crochet website is also a valuable source of information. Carol has been an inspiration to me when I started making bags.

Other names for the same technique are “mosaic crochet”, “fair isle crochet”, “jacquard crochet” […]

Rya Knot Rugs

Rya Knot Rug

Finnish weavers have traditionally made Rya Knot rugs to help keep the walls and floors warm in the cold winters. I have developed this method using a continuous knot that is later cut to give a deep luxurious pile under foot. Unlimited design possibilities are achieved in the free form of […]

Handwoven Rugs

Boulders on the 4 end draft Shaft Switching loom

The rugs pictured here are woven on large floor looms using shaft switching and producing very durable thick rugs. The warp is linen and the weft is New Zealand carpet wool. The shaft switching device attached to the loom allows for a greater […]