Hooked Rag Rugs

Finally after quite a few years I have finished the twin rug to Neon. I started this rug many years ago and never kept going except when I was demonstrating how to make a hooked Rag Rug.

Like its twin it is mainly made from T-shirts. They are a knitted textile which means the strips don’t fray when you cut them. Check out the pictures. The rug isn’t finished as I now need to cut the loops to give a neater effect.


Making Hooked Rag Rugs

Hooked rag rug

NEON made from used T shirts

Hooked rag rugs are easy to make.
At a workshop you will start on a sample rug
Designs will be provided, but please feel free to design your own exciting rag rug. You will receive instructions on how to choose the fabrics and the size to cut the strips. Then the method of hooking through the hessian and the tricks to ensure your work has the quality to make a great rug.
Materials and notes will be provided, including the hook.
The second part of the workshop deals with the most important area of
finishing off your work. Notes will be provided on all aspects of making your rug.
This is a great way to recycle fabric you have kept. Also fabric bought from op shops in the colours you choose.
You will leave with work you have done and ready to continue.
If you wish to be included please email me.