Handwoven Rugs

Boulders on loom

Boulders on the 4 end draft Shaft Switching loom

The rugs pictured here are woven on large floor looms using shaft switching and producing very durable thick rugs. The warp is linen and the weft is New Zealand carpet wool. The shaft switching device attached to the loom allows for a greater diversity in design. The rugs are reversible in some instances giving you two completely different coloured rugs.

Here are pictures of my Shaft Switching looms, you can see the levers that allow warp changes to give the variety of design I love to make.

Red River Valley on loom

Red River Valley on the 3 end draft Shaft Switching loom















Some rugs fit into themes such as GEOMETRIC, CONTEMPORARY and FLOWER THEME.  Below is a variety of styles and colours also included views on the loom. These rugs were woven in 3 end or 4 end block weave and are completely  reversible.