Many different designs

The term “tapestry crochet” was popularized by Dr. Carol Ventura, who has written several books about the technique. Her tapestry crochet website is also a valuable source of information. Carol has been an inspiration to me when I started making bags.

Other names for  the same technique are “mosaic crochet”,  “fair isle crochet”, “jacquard crochet” and “colorwork. I believe there are other names too.

I work tapestry crochet in the round it is easier as there are no joins or seams, you work all your color changes from the front side of the work.

My bags are made from left over carpet wool which I use for hand-woven floor rugs and wall hangings. The strength of the wool makes a very durable bag.  You can use any strong wool and hand spun. The patterns I have for sale include pictures and text with a grid to follow for the design. The wool is used double when making the bags. Strength is given to the bag because of the way you carry the wool in the design as you go. I have made hundreds of bags and am asked often how do my fingers and hands stand up to it. Luckily very well, however I do use a special ergonomic hook made especially. This is a great help as it means the whole hand is working the hook not just the fingers.