If you choose to buy a rug that is available or commission a design of your choice your rug will be woven with a Linen warp and New Zealand carpet wool weft.

Rugs come in many sizes
No.1. approximately 95.5cms by 190cms (37.5 inches by74.5 inches) )which is slightly less than 1 metre by 2.
No.2 approximately 84cms by 160cms (32 inches by 60 inches)
No.3 approximately 75cms by 150cms ( 29 inches by 55 inches)
However orders can be taken for rugs to up to 42 inches wide.

A rug can be woven in the colours you choose, and samples can be sent before the rug is woven

You can choose any designs from my collection or you provide a guide and a design can be drawn up to suit. The Shaft Switching on the looms allows for diversity of design.

Size No.1 rug is approximately $550
Size No.2 rug is approximately $450
Size No.3 rug is approximately $340 ( prices can be negotiated according to the complexity of design).

Special orders and larger rugs apply for price.

DEPOSIT OF $100 postage and delivery extra.
Delivery time can be discussed when ordering, allow approximately a month.

 For more details use my contact form above.